Illinois Faculty Visits to AFRL

03/24/2014Zbigniew KalbarczykProviding Cloud Resiliency: Fault Localization using Message Flow Reconstruction and Targeted Fault Injection [slides]
Zachary EstradaWhat's in a Cloud? An Overview of Virtualization and Open Stack [slides]
06/11/2014Kenneth KeefeShort Course in Security Modeling with Mobius Security Edition
Introduction and General Modeling [slides]
Stochastic Activity Networks and Hands-on Session [slides]
Security Modeling and ADVISE [slides]
ADVISE Demo [slides]
07/09/2014Indranil GuptaStorage in the Cloud via Key-value/NoSQL Stores [slides]
Mainak GhoshMongoDB Architecture [slides]
10/08/2014David NicolTrustworthiness of Workflows in Cloud Computing [slides]
Roy CampbellSoftware Defined Could Security Architectures [slides]
11/06/2014Gul AghaA Tutorial on Actor Languages [slides]
04/09/2015Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Zachary Estrada, and Gary WangKeeping an Eye on Virtualization: VM Monitoring Techniques & Applications
Hardware Invariant-Based Techniques [slides]
Virtual Machine Introspection Overview [slides]
Validation [slides]
Tutorial Reference List [PDF]
10/27/2015Roy CampbellR-Storm: A Resource-Aware Scheduler for STORM [slides]
2/22/2016Jose MeseguerQuantitative Analysis of Consistency in NoSQL Key-Value Stores [slides]
06/13/2016Zbigniew Kalbarczyk and Keywhan ChungData Driven Probabilistic Graphs for Preemptive Attack Detection: Theory to Practice
11/09/2016Roy CampbellCloud-based Geo-Distributed Stores and Distribution Networks
02/07/2017Masooda BashirCloud Security Standards: A Comparison to assess Weaknesses and Suggest Improvements [slides]
02/16/2017Ravi IyerAchieving Resilience in New Application Domains
04/18/2017Gul AghaActors in the Mobile Cloud: Supporting Security, Scalability and Availablity