Archive – ACC Research Seminars

Fall 2016

DatePresenterSeminar TitleAbstract, Slides & Video
ACC All Hands MeetingStudent Research PresentationsSlides
08/31/2016Imani PalmerDigital Forensic Analysis: From Low-Level Events to High-Level ActionsMedia Link
09/20/2016Charles Kamhoua, US Air Force Research LabApplications of Game Theory to High Assurance Cloud ComputingMedia Link
09/28/2016Keywhan Chung

Atul Bohara
An Indirect Attack on Computing Infrastructure through Targeted Alteration on Environmental Control

Lateral Movement Detection Using Distributed Data Fusion
Media Link
10/05/2016Carlo Di-GiulioCloud Security Certifications: Are They Adequate to Provide Baseline Protection?Media Link
10/12/2016Kirill MechitovEnergy-Aware, Security-Conscious Code Offloading for the Mobile CloudMedia Link
11/02/2016Stephen SkeirikUsing Reachability Logic to Verify Distributed SystemsMedia Link

Spring 2016

DatePresenterSeminar TitleAbstract, Slides & Video
ACC All Hands MeetingStudent Research PresentationsSlides
Peter Ölveczky Design and Validation of Distributed Data Stores using Formal MethodsMedia Link

Imani PalmerModels for Reasoning about Digital EvidenceMedia Link
Key-whan ChungCyber Security as a Signaling Game Media Link

Srdjan Capkun, Zurich Information Security and Privacy CenterJoint ACC/SoS Seminar: Secure Positioning: From GPS to IoT Applications Media Link
Uttam Thakore and Atul Bohara Intrusion Detection in Enterprise Systems by Combining and Clustering Diverse Monitor DataMedia Link

Kirill MechitovDynamic Fine-Grained Code Offloading in Mobile Cloud ApplicationsMedia Link
Mohammad Ahmad

Carlo Di-Giulio
Cauldron: A Framework to Defend Against Cache-based Side-channel Attacks in Clouds

Security and Privacy Mechanisms: an Analysis of Cloud Service Providers for Governments

Media Link

Media Link
Chris CaiApplication-aware Network Resource AllocationMedia Link
Mainak GhoshGetafix: Workload-aware Data Management in Lookback Processing SystemsMedia Link

Fall 2015

DatePresenterTitleAbstract, Slides & Video
9/1/2015Charles Kamhoua, US Air Force Research LabSecurity-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in the Cloud: A Game Theoretic Approach Media Link
9/2/2015ACC All Hands MeetingStudent Research PresentationsSlides
9/16/2015Muntasir RahmanCharacterization, Composition and Adaptive Control of Consistency-latency Tradeoffs in Distributed Key-value Storage Systems Media Link
9/23/2015Si LiuQuantitative Analysis of Consistency in NoSQL Key-value Stores Media Link
10/7/2015Atul BoharaMonitoring Data Fusion for Intrusion Tolerance Media Link
10/14/2015Uttam ThakoreA Quantitative Methodology for Security Monitor Deployment Media Link
10/21/2015Cuong PhamRuntime Monitoring of Hypervisor IntegrityMedia Link
11/4/2015Mohammad AhmadTowards a Secure Container Framework Media LInk
11/11/2015Chris CaiPhurti: Application and Network-Aware Flow Scheduling for Multi-Tenant MapReduce Clusters Media Link
11/18/2015Kirill MechitovEfficient Monitoring in Actor-based Mobile Hybrid Cloud Framework Media Link
12/2/2015Zak EstradaReliability and Security as-a-Service Media Link

2014-2015 Academic Year

DatePresenterTitleSlides & Video
9/17/2014John BellessaPast, Present, and Future Topics in Software-Defined NetworkingSlides
9/24/2014Zak EstradaHprobes: Dynamic VM MonitoringSlides
10/15/2014Peter OlveczkyModeling, Analyzing, and Extending Megastore using Real-Time MaudeSlides
10/22/2014Reza ShiftehfarA Flexible Fine-Grained Adaptive Framework for Parallel Mobile Hybrid Cloud ApplicationsSlides
10/29/2014Minas CharalambidesCoordination and Safe Program Execution: Problems, Solutions and Open IssuesSlides
11/6/2014Mayank Agarwal, VMwareLarge Scale Distributed Systems in the Real World - Our Experience Building VMware Log Insight
11/19/2014Mainak GhoshMorphus: Supporting Online Reconfigurations in Sharded NoSQL SystemsSlides
12/3/2014Key-whan ChungGame Theory with Learning for Cybersecurity MonitoringSlides
2/25/2015Uttam ThakoreQuantitative Metrics for Monitor Deployment in CloudsSlides
3/11/2015Atul BoharaMonitoring Data Fusion for Intrusion ToleranceSlides
3/18/2015Read SpraberyReal Time Adaptive Profiling in Storm TopologiesSlides
4/15/2015Kirill MechitovActor-Based Adaptive Middleware Framework for Mobile Hybrid Cloud ApplicationsSlides
4/22/2015Chris Cai and Shayan SaeedOptimizing Cluster Applications Performance via SDNSlides
4/29/2015All Hands MeetingAFRL Demo Dry Run